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AUDREY & BILL: A Romantic Biography of Audrey Hepburn and William Holden

"The secret side of Audrey Hepburn's intimate private life, revealed for the first time...a riveting read!" -- Rex Reed

"Epstein gets to the heart of the human side of both of them...It's a beautiful written love story and dual biography." -- Bill Bliss, Rage Monthly

"It had to happen. The romance revealed. And Edward Z. Epstein is up to the task in Audrey and Bill -- Easy to read, with never-ending details. As if we were there in the lovers' arms." -- George Christy, Beverly Hills Courier

"[Author] Epstein...delivers a relatively little known chapter in the ever-intriguing saga of celebrity romances." -- Booklist

"I started to read the few opening pages and couldn't stop...this book wa written so differently. It really showed the people underneath the layer of the Hollywood lights that scrutiny them for much of their lives...it's almost three biographies i oe book -- Audrey Hepburn, Bill Holden and the behind the scenes look at Hollywood...The writing is wonderful, the people come to life off the pages..." -- Chick with Books blog


Simon & Schuster
Jennifer Jones -- a beautiful, complex woman who was never secure with stardom but was driven to pursue it by her much older mentor/lover/husband, David O. Selznick. This never-before-told story of her life is a modern version of the Pygmalion-Galatea myth...with a shattering denouement.

PAUL and JOANNE: A Biography of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

A remarkable story of determination, love, heartbreak, success, and -- most of all -- survival. She won an Oscar for her third film performance; all of his parts were starring roles. There was very little that was "typical" about these two stars...

THE "IT" GIRL: The Incredible Story of Clara Bow

Before Harlow and Monroe, there was Clara Bow -- "The Brooklyn Bonfire," "The Wildest Jazz Baby of Them All." Here is the compelling saga of the charismatic young woman who was more than a movie star -- she marked an era.