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"'Portrait of Jennifer' is the ultimate Hollywood story of the nightmare of celebrity, stardom and power. It is extraordinary...As well as I have known Jennifer, David O. Selznick, and Norton Simon, I know them better now because of this book."

-- David Brown

"If you think all the Hollywood mysteries have been solved, then read the fascinating story of Jennifer Jones, one of the last legends shrouded in secrecy. Here is a life and career more bizarre and riveting than any movie plot, and Epstein eliminates every shadow with enough insight, depth, and suspense to make you tremble. A masterful job that will make you love the book and its subject as Hollywood biographies seldom do."
--Rex Reed

"Her story is well worth telling...Epstein's treatment is a sensitive recognition of a sensitive nature confronting the cutthroat film business."

"A deliciously gossipy story of the making and maintaining of a star whose lifestyle -- thanks to the men who made and maintained her -- made Marie Antoinette's look like a piker's."
--Judith Crist