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THE "IT" GIRL: The Incredible Story of Clara Bow

"This searching biography pays her the tribute of complete candor, with no attempt to glamorize."
--- The Los Angeles Times

"Has even Hollywood gasping at its revelations."
---Liz Smith

"The book has the air of detailed intimacy."

"If you think Hollywood is wild today, read 'The It Girl.' Wild and Wooly! And it tells you why all the ladies were so crazy about Gary Cooper."
---Igor Cassini and Diane Judge

"A sizzling, altogether fascinating book about the girl who ignited the screen as the flaming symbol of the Roaring Twenties."
---Kathleen Carroll, New York Daily News.

"Non-stop reading!"
---Judith Crist

"If you want to know what it was like when 'It' was IT, this book is it."
--- Gene Shalit, Today Show