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PAUL and JOANNE: A Biography of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward


"If you want to delve into the Newmans' inner lives, pick up 'Paul and Joanne.'"
---Liz Smith

"We get a clear and...candid look at two very private stars in 'Paul and Joanne'...A great read."
---The Hollywood Reporter

"A consistently interesting and entertaining dual biography...solid and winning."
---Kirkus Reviews

"A fascinating book which offers an intimate look at a marriage more turbulent -- and intriguing -- than the public ever knew."
---Good Housekeeping

"Newman and Woodward's marriage [was] by no means smooth and trouble-free, as the book 'Paul and Joanne' proves. Authors Edward Z. Epstein and Joe Morella exhibit a non-judgmental stance toward their subjects, as they reveal to us two ordinary people leading extraordinary lives."
---The Hartford Courant