Edward Z. Epstein

PAUL and JOANNE: A Biography of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward


"If you want to delve into the Newmans' inner lives, pick up 'Paul and Joanne.'"
---Liz Smith

"We get a clear and...candid look at two very private stars in 'Paul and Joanne'...A great read."
---The Hollywood Reporter

"A consistently interesting and entertaining dual biography...solid and winning."
---Kirkus Reviews

"A fascinating book which offers an intimate look at a marriage more turbulent -- and intriguing -- than the public ever knew."
---Good Housekeeping

"Newman and Woodward's marriage [was] by no means smooth and trouble-free, as the book 'Paul and Joanne' proves. Authors Edward Z. Epstein and Joe Morella exhibit a non-judgmental stance toward their subjects, as they reveal to us two ordinary people leading extraordinary lives."
---The Hartford Courant

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Here for the first time is the complete tale of an on-set romance that turned into a captivating love story.
The first ever biography of one of Hollywood's true screen legends
The first book to fully explore the dual stories of these two fascinating stars
The original book about the girl who made IT famous, the screen's flaming symbol of the Roaring Twenties